Aidan Smyth is an Irish artist and jewellery designer. Fundamental to his practice is the overlap between fine art and design. Since 2010 he has been focusing predominantly on his jewellery collection. A native of Dublin, he first began making jewellery while a student at Grennan Mills, a multi-disciplinary craft college in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny. From here he went on to gain a degree in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design, Co.Cork.

Operating from his studio in Dublin Aidan draws heavily from his interests in archeology, science, history and sociology. He designs and hand crafts pieces in a multitude of materials including copper, brass, silver, gold, plastic and wood. From cracks in pavements, holes in walls and moss on rooftops he draws inspiration from the beauty of things often ignored. Though his jewellery is sculptural in form, It must be worn for one to appreciate its captivating, tactile and kinetic nature. Aidan also makes pieces on a one to one commission basis. He carefully considers his clients individual style and circumstance, to produce pieces that are both unique and personal .